Kriss KellerKRISS KELLER helps you to protect the health and safety of your children while supporting their education and creativity.

The story behind Kriss Keller
Behind KRISS KELLER is the story of a nanny who wanted to do more than protect children in her care. She wanted to empower children to live in a safe, nurturing environment. This passion fuelled her journey to develop the KRISS KELLER range.

Kristina Kucerova, founder of Kriss Keller grew up in Slovakia, and was always fascinated by children and the personal worlds they live in. She worked for many years as a professional nanny and tutor. She learned first-hand, the importance of enthusiasm and energy while working with young children. But she also learned the challenges of simultaneously providing a creative, patient and safe environment.  

Through her experience she saw a niche, in helping parents provide a safe and nurturing environment through her creativity and art. She wrote and illustrated a series of books designed to protect children, while creating arts and crafts that made the home a more beautiful place, appealing to both children and adults alike.


Be Careful - Home / Pompy & Titany: Hot things (ENG)

Be Careful - Home / Pompy & Titany: Sharp things (ENG)

Dávaj Pozor Doma / Pompy, Titany a Horúce predmety / Pompy, Titany a Ostré predmety (SK)



Kriss Keller on Etsy


This website displays some of the Kriss Keller artwork available for purchase. You can also contact us for bespoke commissions or personalized pieces. They make wonderful christening and birthday gifts.

Art doesn’t just make the home look great – it also provides a safe and inspiring environment that fuels your children’s development.


  • 2013 Annual student art exhibit St. Louis Community College, Faculty Choice (Applied Arts) and Best of Show (Applied Arts/Photography) for design of a book about the endangered animal Zanzibar Suni.

  • The representative New Year Card of the deanship of Comenius University, the winning design for year 2010.