Kriss KellerBehind KRISS KELLER is my story of a former nanny and tutor. I wanted to do more than protecting children in my care. I wanted to empower children to live healthy in a safe environment while supporting their education and creativity. I fully believe that EDUCATION THROUGH ARTS and CREATIVITY can change the world.

My name is Kristina Kucerova, and I am the founder of Kriss Keller. I was always fascinated by art and children and the personal worlds they live in. I hold a master's degree in fine arts and pedagogy from the Comenius University in Bratislava, and also I took fine arts classes at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and St. Louis Community College in the U.S. I learned first-hand, the importance of creativity, enthusiasm and energy while working with young children. However, I also learned the challenges of simultaneously providing a stimulating, patient and especially safe environment. That is why I wrote and illustrated a series of books designed to protect children.


Be Careful - Home / Pompy & Titany: Hot things (ENG)

Be Careful - Home / Pompy & Titany: Sharp things (ENG)

Dávaj Pozor Doma / Pompy, Titany a Horúce predmety / Pompy, Titany a Ostré predmety (SK)



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This website also displays some of my paintings. They are fresh, provocative and represent straightforward social issues. Please, contact me in a case of buying a painting or questions (Contact).



  • 2013 Annual student art exhibit St. Louis Community College, Faculty Choice (Applied Arts) and Best of Show (Applied Arts/Photography) for a design of a book about the endangered animal Zanzibar Suni.

  • The representative New Year Card of the deanship of the Comenius University, the winning design for the year 2010


  • 2013 St. Louis Community College, St. Louis, USA

  • 2011 Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava, Slovakia

  • 2010 Unicredit Bank, Vienna, Austria

Be Careful - Home (Books)

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